Learning to live with Jesus as Lord is a life-long process. But where do you start? That's why we developed Foundations. Foundations consists of essential courses offered on Sunday mornings between worship services and are designed to equip you to be a life-long follower of Christ.  

Over a three year period, we offer the following essential classes:

  • Discover Holy Trinity (What is at the heart of the Christian faith?)*

  • The Story (Reading and Understanding the Bible)

  • What Do We Believe? (Understanding the Apostles Creed)

  • Learning to Pray (The Lord’s Prayer)

  • Faith and Culture (The Mission of the Church)

  • A Reasonable Faith (Apologetics)

  • Exalt: A People of Praise (Living as Worshippers)

*Required for membership


SUNDAY MORNINGS  10:00 -11:00 am

 The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place.

Making wise choices about technology and how it's used by our families has never been more challenging or more important. We will be reading through and discussing Andy Crouch's book of the same title. Each class will include presentation, discussion in small groups and prayer. Whether your kids are children, teens or young adults, there are important things for us all to learn and apply as thoughtful Christians today.

January 6th to February 24th with Wright Wall and others in the Courtyard Classroom

Anglican Essentials

What does it mean to be Anglican?  If you've ever asked this question and been uncertain how to respond then this course is for you!  Over eight weeks we will discuss Anglican history, worship and doctrine, leaving ample time for you to ask questions.  This course is a requirement for all adults who wish to be confirmed in May.  You can find our more about Confirmation by attending this class or talking to any member of the clergy. 

January 6th to February 24th with John Yates and Sam Sholander in the Adult Classroom

For the Love of God

The Christian life can often feel like drudgery, driven by obligation, rather than joy, motivated by a love for God. In this series we will explore how love is essential to the character of God, how our desires make us who we are, and the importance of learning to love God. By exploring the nature of God and the core of what makes us human, this course will equip you to apply biblical theology to key areas of life, including marriage, parenting, work, and leisure.

January 6th to February 24th, with Josh Chatraw in the Chapel


Trinity Kids Bible Club

Open to kids K-5th, meets during the Foundations Hour in the upstairs Kids classrooms. Kids can expect a snack, games, and lots of memory verses and Bible competitions! Kids will learn how to use their Bible for all its worth including finding books of the Bible, memorizing Scripture, using a concordance, treasuring up God's Word in their heart, and much more!   


Youth Foundations—What is the Big Story?

Our worldview is like the air we breathe—it is vastly important but often taken for granted. This class will discuss some of the overarching narratives that tell different stories about religion, science, and work. We will spend  time thinking about the worldviews implicit in the Scriptures, our schools and pop culture. Donuts provided!

January 6th to February 24th, with Caleb Burr in the Youth Room