Learning to live with Jesus as Lord is a life-long process. But where do you start? That's why we developed Foundations. Foundations consists of essential courses offered on Sunday mornings between worship services and are designed to equip you to be a life-long follower of Christ.  

Over a three year period, we offer the following essential classes:

  • Discover Holy Trinity (What is at the heart of the Christian faith?)*

  • The Story (Reading and Understanding the Bible)

  • What Do We Believe? (Understanding the Apostles Creed)

  • Learning to Pray (The Lord’s Prayer)

  • Faith and Culture (The Mission of the Church)

  • A Reasonable Faith (Apologetics)

  • Exalt: A People of Praise (Living as Worshippers)

*Required for membership


SUNDAY MORNINGS  10:05 -10:50 am MARCH 10th to APRIL 14th

Serve the City

When we look at the world around us, the needs are immense. What can we do? Join us as we consider the challenge of poverty in our city and explore how God has called us to be involved in his redeeming work. We will hear Biblical teaching, presentations from partner ministries and ways in which we can all be practically involved.

With the HTC Outreach Committee and Partner Ministries in the Courtyard Classroom

Reasons for Unbelief

Our world has changed not only on the secular streets of our city, but also in the pews of the church. God is no longer taken for granted. Believers have their nagging doubts; unbelievers have their criticisms. In a culture where it seems like reasons for unbelief abound, we still sense a need for “something more.” We will explore reasons for unbelief and why these critical questions might ultimately actually point us back to God. 

With Josh Chatraw, Matt Hoehn and Sam Sholander in the Adult Classroom

Discover Holy Trinity

Whether you are new to Christianity or have been following Jesus for years, join us as we explore what lies at the heart of the Christian faith, and what it means to be a member at Holy Trinity. **This course is required for membership.

With John Yates and Wright Wall in Trinity House


Trinity Kids Bible Club

Open to kids K-5th, kids can expect a snack, games, lots of memory verses, and Bible competitions! Kids will learn how to use their Bible for all its worth, including finding books of the Bible, using a concordance, treasuring up God’s Word in their heart, and much more!

With Robin Harris and others in the Upstairs Kids Classrooms


Youth Confirmation Prep

Open to baptized students 8th grade and up, this class is aimed at helping students understand the foundations of their faith within the context of the Anglican tradition and provides the opportunity to publicly affirm their faith. May miss one class; must attend the retreat day on May 11; must attend Confirmation Sunday on May 19.

With Caleb Burr in Caleb’s office

Regular Youth Foundations (6th-12th grade) Grace, Fruit, and Perseverance - The Essentials of the Christian Life

Held in the Youth Room every Sunday