Life is full of challenges and obstacles to faith in God.  In the face of all that life throws at us, it's difficult not to become discouraged and doubtful about God's power and presence. How do we trust and obey God even when everything seems stacked against us? When our spouse is diagnosed with cancer? When we're facing unemployment? When we feel defeated by our addiction?  We need a faith that is strong, that is courageous. A faith that can sustain us no matter what we face. 

Join us this summer as we consider the life of Joshua and what God can teach us about having courageous faith in him. 

Courageous Faith Group Study and Discussion

Wednesdays this Summer, 7-8:15p
Trinity House, 549 N. Blount Street

Discuss Sunday's sermon passage in depth. 
Ask questions and consider how God's word is speaking into your circumstances to give you courageous faith!

All welcome!