HOly Trinity Vestry

The Vestry is made up of 12 men and women who are the elected, lay leaders of our church.  They work in close partnership with the Rector and Staff to guide the vision of Holy Trinity, establish and oversee our budget, and maintain our facilities.  The senior officers of the vestry are the Warden and Jr. Warden.  The Clerk maintains our minutes and records.  Our Vestry Counsel and Treasurer are appointed to serve renewable one-year terms by the Vestry.

George Deloache

George DeLoache, Senior Warden

Skip Orser

Skip Orser,      Junior Warden


Betsy Gray Barrus

Betsy Gray Barrus



Jason Cunningham, Treasurer

Lynn Easterling

Lynn Easterling


Gaye Eatman

Gay Eatman


Darrell Gordon

Darrel Gordon, Clerk


Bill Nelson,    Counsel

Betty Parker.jpeg

Betty Parker


Grover Smith



Anne Duncan Weaver

Stephen Wooten

Stephen Wooten