Altar Guild

Altar Guild


Members of Holy Trinity are invited to serve on the Altar Guild to help set-up the sanctuary and prepare our worship space on Sunday mornings.  Special training enables them to learn the proper manner and procedure in handling the vessels and materials used in each service and in Altar preparation.  The Guild exists to assist the clergy and is headed by the Rector.  


The Guild members are divided into four groups with one group covering the worship service preparation each week. Members serve approximately once a month. Members choose to serve either the first or the second service.  Those serving for the first should arrive around 8:20 to prepare for the 8:45 service.  Following the first service, the Altar is reset for the second service.
Those serving after the second service stay to clean up.  On Saturday morning, any available members for that week are invited to come in for preliminary set-up in the sacristy which makes the Sunday morning set-up go much more smoothly.   Both groups work as needed between services, and some services (e.g. baptisms) have additional requirements.   Our aim is to have enough members that we can are flexible with individual schedules.


Hilda Leigh at 919-608-3501 (mobile) or 919-851-4048.