Our Trinitarian Faith: A Deeper Look at the Trinity and Why It Matters (Tower Chapel)

Led by Ray Nothstine and Paul Adams (bios)
September 17th—October 22nd

Drawing from biblical testimony, church history, and contemporary writings we will learn how the Trinity not only makes sense but makes all the difference to our faith in God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

“Put me in, Coach:”  A Discussion on Biblical Fatherhood Principles (Trinity House)
Led by Joe Cannon and George DeLoache (bios)
September 17th—October 22nd

When it comes to being a dad, we are all doing the best we can...which is probably to say we could all be doing a lot better.  Fortunately we are not in this alone.  Our Heavenly Father (the greatest coach of all time)  has given us a blueprint for what successful fathering looks like.  George DeLoache and Joe Cannon will lead a casual conversation over the next several weeks about what Scripture has to say about being a good dad.  

Caring for Elderly Loved Ones: A Theological and Practical Approach (Upper Lobby)
Hosted by Claudia Greggs, with teaching from healthcare professionals (bios)
September 17th—October 22nd

What kind of care will our parents and elderly friends need as their lives draw to a close?  What are the medical, legal and practical issues that they are likely to face?  How do we handle conflict among family members about what is best for our parents? This course will offer a theological and medical perspective on aging and practical advice about caring for parents and friends who are advanced in age. 

For New Members: Jesus for Everyone (Adult Classroom)
Led by Abigail Hull, Matt Hoehn and John Yates (bios)                                                                                                   September 17th—October 22nd

Who was Jesus? What did he actually say and do? How does this have the power to change our lives forever?  Whether you are new to Christianity or have been following Jesus for years, join us as we explore The Gospel of Mark and what lies at the heart of the Christian faith. *Required for membership.

Just Walk Across the Room (Sanctuary)
Led by John Yates and others
October 29—November 19

Do you want to share the good news about Jesus, but aren’t sure how?  Join us as we spend 4 weeks with Bill Hybels in an excellent series of videos that shows how each one of us can share the gospel in simple but profound ways with those closest to us.