It's almost time to move. Are you ready?

As we prepare to move into our new facility in downtown Raleigh we are excited to enter a new season of ministry. But how will our new home shape our life together?  

We hope you will join us each Sunday, April 19th-May 17th, for this special series and discover the vital role you have to play in God's mission in the heart of the city!




"When God Moves In"       (Sunday, April 19th)       (LISTEN)      (Summary & Questions)

God came to us and made his home with us so that we might know him and his great love for us. How does God's presence in us transform the way we see our world? 

Foundations: What is our mission field? 
Learn more about our new downtown neighbors and exciting opportunities to join God in his work in our City. 

"Welcome to the family!"         (Sunday, April 26th)    (LISTEN)      (SUMMARY & QUESTIONS)     

When God adopts us as his children we become family. What does it look like to be a healthy, thriving church family?  How do our relationships with one another bear witness to our relationship with our heavenly Father?

Foundations: What is my place?
We are a family, but what does it really mean to belong? How do I find my place in this community and how do I love my church family well?

"Who is my neighbor?"      (Sunday, May 3rd)   (Listen)     (SUMMARY & QUESTIONS)

We are a family, but we are also part of a community. God sends us out to demonstrate his love for the world, to bear witness to Christ in word and deed. 

Foundations: How can I serve?
Giving our lives away isn't merely a duty or obligation, it's the opportunity to join God in his work of redemption. Find ways to join in what God is already doing already you. 

“A Sanctuary in the City”     (Sunday, May 10th)    (LISTEN)     (SUMMARY & QUESTIONS)

          Foundations: *No Foundations (Mother's Day)

Pray for the City & Picnic Dinner
at Trinity House (549 N. Blount st.)           (Friday, May 15th, 5:30-7:30pm)

Join us for this special event at our new facility as we pray for downtown Raleigh.  (This is a family-friendly event. All are welcome)

“Our Future Home”     (Celebration Sunday, May 17th)   (LISTEN)     (SUMMARY & QUESTIONS)

This home is only temporary. We have a perfect, eternal home waiting for us. How does this shape the way we live here and now? How does it give us confidence and freedom to risk everything for the sake of Christ?

Foundations: Special Celebration and Move Update
Join us as we celebrate the new season ahead and announce plans for the transition.