Community Groups

The church is more than a building or a meeting on Sunday. It’s a people living in relationship with God and with each other in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We pray because we need God. We need to hear him, to praise and thank him, and bring our deepest needs and desires before him. In prayer we encounter the living Spirit of God who speaks to us and works to heal us and shape us into the likeness of Christ.

Music Ministry

The music ministry at Holy Trinity brings to our worship services a wide diversity of musical styles, from chant to contemporary. Singing is an important mode of worship in the Bible, and so congregational song figures prominently in our worship as well. There are several musical groups that rehearse weekly to prepare for leading the congregation’s musical responses, and occasionally providing special musical numbers as well. 

Trinity Kids

At Holy Trinity, we are committed to helping our children know, love and worship God. Through the ministry of Trinity Kids, we seek to root every child in the Word of God, lead them into a life of prayer and praise, and teach them how to serve God in their world

Trinity Students

We get together to worship God, study his word, and pray. We also love to have fun and to serve in our community through our ministry partnerships. 

Trinity Women

The women of Holy Trinity are committed to growing in their relationship with Christ and together as women. Women of all ages and stages of life participate. FREE babysitting is offered for children 4 and under. It’s a great way to get connected!

Trinity Men

Trinity Men are committed to growing in their relationship with Christ and together as men. They gather regularly in small groups around the city and for a weekly Bible Study at Trinity House. Join us!