Time Lapse of Construction (July 2014-March 2015)

HOME IN THE HEART OF THE CITY: Want to learn more about our move downtown and why we believe God has called us to this place and people? Check out our five-part series called Home in the Heart of the City.

A TOOL FOR MISSION: We have been called to proclaim, exalt and serve Jesus Christ in our community. As his people Jesus sends us into the world to bear witness to God's grace and truth by blessing one another and the community in which we live.  We believe having a permanent church home is integral to the mission to which God has called us. We are building a new facility in the heart of downtown as a tool for mission, a place of refuge for broken, humbled people, and a sacred space for worship of our glorious God. 

A PRESENCE: Our new facility on Peace Street will give us incredible opportunities to minister. Within blocks are some of the oldest neighborhoods in Raleigh (Oakwood and Mordecai) and some of the city's poorest neighborhoods; Campbell Law School and Shaw, St. Augustine, and Peace Universities; the central business district; state and local government offices included the state legislature, state capitol and governor's residence; and cultural centers like the warehouse district, Glenwood South, Moore Square, and North Person Street. 

GOD's PROVISION: God has provided above and beyond our financial needs for this project. Through the faithful and sacrificial giving of our members, we have raised $4.6 million for the construction of our new facility. This being said, there is much work to be done. We trust the Lord will continue to provide!

SCHEDULE: We purchased the Peace Street property and Trinity House in 2011 which was followed by our Firmly Rooted capital campaign in the spring of 2013. Construction began in June 2014 and is currently underway.  Our new home is scheduled to be completed before September 2015. Our downtown facility will include a new sanctuary and education building adjacent to our existing office and meeting space at Trinity House.