Hope for Raleigh

We are so loved by our Creator that he sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to live and die for us. Through his death and resurrection, we have the hope of life with him — a life of dignity, value, and purpose.

That is a hope worth sharing with our city!

Hope for Raleigh seeks to share God’s word of hope to us, stories of hope, and bring hope to those in need across our city.  

Ministry Partnership

At Holy Trinity, we seek to facilitate opportunities and strategic partnerships with local ministries who are sharing the hope of Christ. 

We encourage every member of our community to find at least one way they can put their faith to work (James 2:18) and share the hope they have received. Our ministry partnerships provide opportunities that range from one time projects to relational ministry, from hours a year to hours a week. There are ways to serve individually, as a group, or a family.

If you are willing, God can use the time, energy and resources you give to help change lives and to help change you!

Financial Support of Ministry Partners

Every year Holy Trinity gives away at least 10% ($100,000+) of its operating budget through grants and gifts to help support the work of global and local Gospel ministries.

 If your organization would like to find out more about applying for financial support, please contact John Charlesworth, nav53@aol.com