Flower Guild


The Flower Guild provides flowers for Sunday worship, for Christmas and Easter, and for special occasions at Holy Trinity Church.

Membership in the Flower Guild is open to anyone who loves flowers.  Duties include arranging flowers for Sunday worship, delivering flowers after worship to shut-ins, or helping with decorating the church for Easter and Christmas and other special occasions.  Some members choose to do all three tasks; others sign up for one or two.

Each member of the Flower Guild is asked to provide and arrange flowers for the main Altar - alone or with a partner - two or three Sundays a year. Flowers are to be placed on the altar at least 30 minutes before the first Sunday morning service (most members arrange their flowers at the church on Saturday mornings, before noon).  It is also the responsibility of the person providing Sunday flowers to rearrange those flowers immediately after the second service: making several smaller arrangements to be delivered to new mothers, individuals in need or shut-ins, as suggested by the clergy or prayer committee.

For Sunday services (except Christmas, Easter, weddings and funerals), members are responsible for purchasing and/or cutting their own greenery and flowers.   A $50 reimbursement is available per Sunday.   The church provides oasis and other materials for arranging as needed.  

All members are asked to participate in decorating the church for Easter and Christmas.


Training sessions are held in the Fall and in the Spring, and are open to all members.


Maryann Roper, maryannroper49@gmail.com