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Sermon Series

Second Corinthians is the most personal and poignant of Paul’s letters to churches.  It is full of moving reflections on personal weakness, the power of the gospel, our hope for new life and the call to personal holiness. 

In this letter Paul opens his heart to the people of Corinth and invites them to open their hearts to him. Together we will explore the first nine chapters of this powerful letter, and discover how we might open our hearts to the work of Christ among us.

Jan. 17    “Comfort in Affliction”  (1:1-11)
Jan. 24   “A Crisis in Leadership”  (1:12-2:4)
Jan. 31   “Discipline and Forgiveness”  (2:5-11)
Feb. 7    “The Scent of Life”  (2:12-3:3)
Feb. 14  “The Power of the Spirit” (3:4-18)
Feb. 21  “Jars of Clay” (4:1-12)
Feb. 28  “The Hope of Resurrection”  (4:13-5:10)                
                ANNUAL MEETING
Mar. 6   “New Creations”  (5:11-17) 
Mar. 13   “Ambassadors for Christ”  (5:18-6:13)
Mar. 20  Palm Sunday
Mar. 27   Easter
Apr. 3    “Temples of the Living God”  (6:14-7:1)
Apr. 10  “The Joy of Conflict”  (7:2-16)
Apr. 17  “A Wealth of Generosity”  (8:1-24)
Apr. 24  “The Cheerful Giver”  (9:1-15)


Deep Mysteries: Reading & Understanding the Bible
Jan. 17-Mar. 13
Upstairs Lobby Classroom
Taught by Justin Hughes
The Bible’s message is the power of God to salvation, but it’s often misread and misunderstood. So how do we correctly interpret and apply the Bible? Join us as we enter into the beautiful depths of the Bible and discover the ways in which God invites us to know him through his word. 

A Story to Tell: Sharing Christ in our Relationships
Jan. 17-Mar. 13
Main Adult Classroom (second floor education building)
Taught by Jeremy George & Christian Holmes
What if sharing our faith is less about saying the right words and more about meaningful, intentional relationships? Discover how to live and relate in a way that helps others in your life connect with the God who loves them and desires to be known.

Confessing the Faith: Exploring Anglican Belief
Jan. 17-Apr. 24
Trinity House Conference Room
Book study and discussion
led by Garland Tucker and Paul Adams
Explore the essentials of the Christian faith through the lens of our Anglican tradition, including the doctrines of the Trinity, scripture, sin, salvation, church, and sacraments.  This class will read Confessing the Faith by Bishop John Rogers, a great new resource from Trinity School for Ministry’s Foundations for Christian Ministry series.
*This course is open to all but is required for those seeking confirmation.

Jesus for Everyone: Discovering the Heart of the Gospel
Jan. 31-Mar. 13
Tower Chapel (Second floor lobby)
Taught by Rev. David Cumbie
What is at the heart of the Christian faith and why is it such good news? Join us as we consider why Jesus alone has the power to change our lives and give us hope.
*This course is open to all but is required for those seeking membership.

Hearing God’s Voice 
Apr. 3-May 22
Taught by Rev. Claudia Greggs
Location TBD

Does prayer sometimes feel one-sided? Do you wonder if you are hearing God’s voice or just your own? Join us for this class on prayerful listening as we explore how God speaks to us and what we can do to hear him better.

Tracing God’s Story
Apr. 3-May 22
Taught by Rev. Sam Ferguson and others
Location TBD

Have you ever noticed how certain themes and images appear and reappear throughout scripture: Trees and gardens, stars in the sky, shepherds, kings, sacrifices. These recurring topics play a vital role in holding together the story of scripture and revealing God’s truth. Join us as we trace God’s story through the Bible.