We pray because we need God. We need to hear him, to praise and thank him, and bring our deepest needs and desires before him. In prayer we encounter the living Spirit of God who speaks to us and works to heal us and shape us into the likeness of Christ.

Do you need prayer?

The truth is, we all need prayer! Our trained intercessors are available to pray with anyone during Holy Communion and at the conclusion of our Sunday worship service in the Prayer Corner, located in the north transept. Clergy and trained members of our prayer team are also available and willing to pray with you - whether you are in the hospital or homebound, ill, bereaved or facing challenging circumstances.

Biblical, faithful and confidential

Members of our prayer team have received intensive training in intercessory and healing prayer. You can trust our team members to pray faithfully according to scripture and keep your prayer requests confidential.

Stories of Healing

On the cross, Jesus overcame the power of sin and death and demonstrated the incredible love of God the Father for his lost and broken children. In Christ, God offers us salvation, spiritual and physical healing, and complete restoration. We share these stories to give testimony to God’s power and faithfulness, to offer hope and encouragement to others, and to celebrate what the Spirit of God has done in our midst.

Questions or prayer needs?  Contact: 
Rev. Claudia Greggs, Clergy Associate for Christian Formation
(919) 833-4202, ext. 227,

Join us for prayer:

Parish Prayer: Every Monday, 5-6pm in the Tower Chapel (2nd floor lobby)

Nights of Praise & Prayer: Every third Sunday, 5pm (resumes in August)

Intercessory and Healing Prayer: Sundays 8:45 am and 11 am (summer worship schedule begins May 19th with one service at 10:00am), during Communion, and following worship.
Prayer teams are available in the Prayer Corner, located in the north transept, during Communion and following the service every Sunday. 

Stories of God's Healing

The following testimonies are shared with the permission of individuals. In order to assure each individual’s privacy and protection, we have used different names in their testimony.  


September 2017

Deborah had just completed our healing prayer training sessions and was helping Kelly prepare for the evening Bible study at her church. However, Kelly was suffering from a migraine that was so bad she could not focus on her work.  Deborah remembered what she had learned in class about God's heart to heal and asked Kelly if she could pray for her healing. Kelly agreed.  After an initial round of prayer, Kelly said the pain had dulled but was still present.  Deborah thanked God for the improvement and continued to pray, asking for complete healing. After further prayer, Kelly said that she felt peace and that the pain had completely gone away. Praise Jesus!  Kelly was able to clearly focus on the Bible Study she had prepared that evening.

The following Sunday, in Sunday school, Alice asked Deborah for some Advil because she had a terrible headache. Deborah saw worry and concern on her face and felt prompted to pray with Alice. While praying, Alice said she knew that the headache stemmed from anxiety and stress over something else.  As Deborah prayed for her, Alice surrendered her fears and concerns to Jesus.  As with Kelly, Alice experienced a lessening of the pain, for which she and Deborah gave thanks to Jesus.  Deborah continued to pray, asking for more.  When she finished, Alice proclaimed with joy, "It's gone, my headache is gone!"

Hallelujah that we serve a God who heals our diseases and infirmities!


October 2016

Faced with very frightening results from a medical test that necessitated a hysterectomy in the weeks that followed, Celia did not lose heart. Wanting to “get in front” of what was happening, she and her husband turned to God.  During the interim between her diagnosis and surgery, Celia attended the monthly Sunday night Service for Praise and Prayer and monthly Friday noonday worship services at Holy Trinity. When the time came for her surgery, she knew she was not alone, and when the surgeon found no trace of cancer, she and her husband knew God had heeded the prayers of His people. 
In her own words written to those who prayed for her: “Praise be to the God Who heals! I was able and blessed to have had the opportunity to attend 3 healing services at Holy Trinity before the actual surgery. What a great thing the Lord is doing in those services!  Be encouraged as you pray, even if you’ve prayed for someone for a long time – He hears our prayers!”

June 2016

Throughout the winter months, Bea had been struggling with an unrelenting feeling of pressure in her chest.   Hopeful that exercise would be the best remedy, she finally consulted her doctor about embarking on a fitness program. With his approval, she looked forward to more exercise as the answer to her nagging discomfort.

Soon thereafter, however, Bea received the shocking news that her sister had died suddenly from a massive heart attack at only 59 years old. Still reeling from grief over her sister, her father passed away only three weeks later from ongoing heart trouble.  Given these distressing developments, along with the persisting pressure in her chest, Bea’s doctor suggested she return for more thorough testing.

The results did not look good. The new tests indicated she had most likely already suffered a heart attack, so a catheterization was scheduled for the following week.  

That Sunday, Bea went to the prayer team at Holy Trinity following the service to ask for prayer regarding her upcoming procedure.  During and following their prayer time at the altar rail, the pressure in her chest began to lift. By the time she went in for her catheterization that week, the pressure was completely gone.  Her cardiologist was amazed, relieved, and delighted to discover that despite the earlier unmistakable evidence to the contrary, there was no indication at all of heart trouble.  All thanks and glory to God for Bea’s new freedom and her healthy heart. 


December 2015

 Late one December evening right before Christmas, Anne was climbing her staircase at home in the dark. Thinking she had reached the stair landing, she realized she had misjudged her place on the steps as she suddenly fell backwards. Her head crashed into the door behind her as she fell, and she hit the floor flat on her back.  After the doctor examined her and reviewed her x-rays, he immediately recommended surgery for what turned out to be a cracked vertebra.  Experiencing a great deal of back pain as she contemplated her upcoming treatment, Anne asked for prayer at the Friday noonday service at Holy Trinity. As the prayer ministers prayed for Anne’s healing, she felt permeated by peace and sensed that the Lord would heal her. Her pain began to dissipate, and gradually over the next several days , it finally disappeared completely. She continues to be pain free as  if the accident never occurred. Thanks be to God. 

July 2015

I went through several rounds of diagnosis at Mayo clinic for what was an undiagnosed, unknown condition. The doctors' best guess was that my condition was some sort of auto-immune disease, similar to Lupus, and they told me repeatedly to keep my eyes open for joint swelling and pain, which often accompanies such a disease.  When I arrived in Raleigh, I had not had any joint problem to date.  But one morning I woke up with extremely severe pain and swelling in one knee, which was so painful that I could not walk or put any weight on the knee.  That day, my husband went to a meeting at Holy Trinity during which he shared about my pain.  A member of the healing prayer team soon called me to say that the team was meeting that very evening, and invited me to come receive prayer.  
Our evening of prayer was extremely sweet, and the team prayed not only for my knee, but for the greater health problems which seemed to lie beneath the current issue. I learned that evening that immune disorders are often inaugurated during times of trauma, and so we prayed through the extreme stress that I had experienced during two high-risk pregnancies, severe pre-eclampsia, and then looking after two sick NICU babies.  The knee pain resolved steadily and completely in the days that followed, and has never returned.  I have also not experienced any other joint pain since.  While my health condition seems to persist, it is neither painful nor debilitating, and has not developed any further, or included any new symptoms. 
I am thankful for the work that Jesus did through the HTC healing prayer team - both to heal me, and also to make me feel so welcome and loved and surrounded during a time of minor crisis in a brand new city. 



Jennifer brought her 10-year-old daughter, Ellie, for prayer. Ellie had contracted MRSA, and had a big MRSA sore on her hand. We prayed over Ellie. Jennifer reported that three days later, the spot had completely disappeared, and there was no more MRSA!

AUGUST 2014 – Back and knee

Cressida came to the Friday healing service, and we all prayed for her back and legs. Later, she emailed, “My back and knee were in such pain last night that I couldn’t get up or walk without a cane. I was unable to sleep because of the back pain, and this morning I was still in lots of pain, and I took pain meds. But since I’ve been home from prayer, my back is free of pain, and my knee is much better! All praise to God!”

JULY 2014 – Intense back pain

A recent testimony: “I am writing this down to thank and praise my Lord and King, Jesus Christ.  As I usually do when I find something I love, I overdo it.  I've recently discovered the game of golf, so a couple of Saturdays ago I went to the practice range in the morning and again in the afternoon, and woke up the following morning with intense back pain.  I was able to get an appointment with a physical therapist the next Wednesday, and then went back the following Monday, but my back did not seem to be getting better.  Having experienced the connection with the Holy Spirit during a healing prayer service at Trinity House, I decided to go today and ask the Lord to heal my back.  As I was being prayed for, I actually saw and felt my right arm and then my right leg straighten out.  Then when one of the leaders prayed for my spine to decompress, I actually shuddered as I felt my spine straighten, and I felt myself physically growing a little taller as my vertebrae healed.  Thank you, dear Lord, for your healing powers and for bringing such wonderful people into my life.  I love you and praise you forever!”

JUNE 2014 – Back pain

Deidre had experienced back pain since a childhood accident had cracked the lower part of her backbone. A10%fter a long plane flight, Deidre was in intense pain, and had another trip she had to take across the country. She came to the Friday worship for prayer.

We asked Deidre to bend over & show us how far she could go without pain. She could only bend over about halfway, and even that was quite painful. We prayed a little for her back, and asked her to try again. She said it was about 10% better. Then we prayed over the childhood trauma of the cracked tailbone, and asked the Lord to remove that trauma from Deidre’s body, memory, and spirit. We asked her to bend over again, and without even thinking, she touched the floor effortlessly, then stood up quickly, and said, “Wow!!!” At that point most of the pain was gone. We prayed a little longer, until Deidre said that it was basically 99% gone. She was able to make her flight the next day free of pain.  Thanks be to God!

JUNE 2014 – Praying for a baby

Karen, who had been trying with her husband to conceive a baby unsuccessfully for six years, came for prayer. We shared with her something that we had learned at a Christian Healing Ministries (Francis & Judith MacNutt) conference: that having any involvement with Freemasonry, even in one’s ancestry, can affect fertility. In the upper levels of the Masons, there are vows that relate to the womb & conceiving. Karen prayed a prayer that separated her and her husband from any of their family tree who had been involved with the Masons, and we prayed for the grace of Jesus Christ to remove from them any curse or judgment that had resulted.

We heard back from Karen – she conceived within the week, and is happily pregnant! At the time of this writing, she is in her third healthy trimester! Glory to you, Father God!

MAY 2014 – Herniated disc

Jen came for prayer to the Friday service, in terrible pain from a herniated disc. After we prayed for her, all the pain left, and she could feel internal pressure inside pushing out her spine, correcting a pre-existing scoliosis.  Thank you, Jesus!

MAY 2014 – Migraines, frozen neck, back

Rhonda and Anne, mother & daughter both came to the Friday worship. The mother, Rhonda, received prayer for a frozen neck and migraines. The neck loosened, and the headache disappeared. Rhonda later told us that the migraines seemed to be completely gone.

In addition, we prayed for Rhonda’s back – one of her legs was half an inch shorter than the other. When we prayed for her legs to be evened, we watch the shorter leg grow out, and pass the other leg in length – then we prayed for the other leg to grow and match it. This happened several times.  When Rhonda stood, she noticed immediately that her back alignment felt wonderful for the first time. In addition, she was now taller than her daughter for the first time! They were both laughing very hard at the oddity of it. Praise God, who does remarkable and unexpected things!

MAY 2014 – Basal cells healed

Jean came to the Friday worship and told us that she had an appointment for the coming Monday to remove basal (cancer) cells from the side of her nose. She was very concerned – the procedure (Mohs surgery) could potentially leave her nose mutilated, depending on how deeply the surgeon needed to slice away cancer cells.

We prayed for Jean.  Two weeks later, she returned to the Friday service to report that the doctors had only needed to take one superficial slice from her nose, and that her skin had quickly healed so completely that the projected cost of the surgery was cut in half. The nurse told her, “We never see this!!”

Praise the Lord who heals!

MAY 2014 – Piriformis Syndrome

Wesley reported, “In early 2014, I injured my back re-landscaping a new home and developed pretty severe symptoms perhaps best described as piriformis syndrome. This is a neuromuscular condition in which a stressed or injured piriformis ‘balancing’ muscle at the hip joint compresses the sciatic nerve, causing potentially debilitating pain in the buttocks, lower back and legs.  For me moving was excruciating, sitting impossible and standing not much better.  Coughing or sneezing brought me to my knees, literally.

Just before a planned vacation, my wife asked the HTC prayer team to pray with us over this in lieu of seeing a doctor.  As the prayer began, a sense of warmth developed and began to radiate away the pain in noticeable little outbound streaks.  The effect was immediate and permanent. 

The next day I drove 12 hours on the way to vacation, and have had no problems since.”

Hallelujah, Jesus!

APRIL 2014 – Inner healing

Lisa came to the Friday worship, and was very quiet afterward. When we asked her whether she wanted prayer, she began to cry. For years she had been experiencing depression and self-loathing, and felt at the end of her rope. We spent some time in prayer with her. The following Friday, she came, radiant and glowing, with a big smile on her face. The depression was completely gone, and she told us that she had had a radical encounter with Jesus as we prayed for her, so that she knew beyond a doubt that she was loved, and that the Lord would be guiding her future. Praise to the Lord who transforms lives!

MARCH 2014 – Rocky Mountain spotted fever

We prayed at the Friday worship for a young woman, Suzy, who had been suffering with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever for three years.  She came again the following week to tell us that since receiving prayer, some major changes have taken place in her body that point to the complete healing of the RMSF.  Her hands used to hurt a lot during the night, and that completely stopped after receiving the prayer, starting with the night after we prayed for her.  Some other issues relating to things that were happening in her lower abdomen had also completely resolved & shifted, and she told us that she was very grateful to the Lord Jesus!  She looked radiant and very joyful.

MARCH 2014 – Praying for a baby

Gail, although she lives in Texas, had heard of some of the healing testimonies of HTC, and called to ask for prayer over the phone. She and her husband had tried unsuccessfully for over a decade to conceive, and had experienced several failed IVF attempts. We prayed with Gail, and explained to her what we had learned about removing Masonic influence (see below, June 2014 entry). She was willing to do anything, so we prayed for her and her husband over the phone. Within a week, she had conceived, and is happily pregnant with a healthy, strong baby, and doing great! Glory to you, Lord God!

MARCH 2014 – Stroke in the eyeball

Gary was a college friend of one of the prayer team. He had heard of the healing testimonies that had been given from HTC, and called one day to ask whether the prayer team could pray for him over the phone, as he lives in Pennsylvania. Gary told us, “On the morning of March 13 I experienced a so-called central retinal vascular occlusion in my left eye.  Apparently a clot blocked the normal flow of blood through the main artery to the left eye retina.  Without exception, this was the scariest day of my entire life. “

The prayer team prayed for him for some time over the phone, and Gary reported that he felt such tangible peace in the room with him that he was almost asleep.

When Gary went back for his checkup, the doctor was amazed to see that the blood clot had disappeared, and that Gary’s eye was almost completely normal.  He told Gary, “It doesn’t always turn out this well!” He also said that if Gary continued healing at that rate, that in a year there would be no sign that there had ever been a stroke.

Gary recently emailed us, “The good news is, as of a recent follow up appointment with the eye doctor, my healing is progressing very well, and there is an extremely good chance that I will regain completely normal vision in the left eye within a few months.  Upon examination, the doctor said that “no better recovery could be hoped for.”  Praise the Lord!


Maria came to the Friday noon worship with a painful left hip. It was frozen and she could only move slowly & painfully. There were bone spurs in the hip which would cause Maria a lot of pain when she tried to move that side of her body.

We had Maria sit in a chair with her hips gently pressed against the back of the chair, to make sure they didn’t move. One of the prayer team held Maria’s sock feet out, and we could all see that her right heel was half an inch further out than her left heel – one leg was shorter than the other.  We prayed over the leg, and Maria immediately began to feel stretching in the hip and leg. While we waited, we shared testimonies of others who had been healed in this way.

We checked Maria’s heels, and the difference was less.  We prayed some more, and shared some more testimonies.  When we checked a third time, both of her heels were exactly at the same position, and her legs had evened out.

We asked Maria to stand up and try doing something she couldn’t do before. She wiggled her hips, and immediately cried out in joy that there was no pain! We gave praise to the Lord as Maria began doing a belly dance move, winding her hips back and forth like a hula dancer!  She marveled over & over that there was absolutely no pain, and she had complete freedom of movement. We gave glory to the Lord!  Praise you, Jesus!


Sydney came to the Friday noon worship to receive prayer for Plantar Fasciitis. Her left foot was in a great deal of pain.  We prayed, and then asked her to walk around the room & see what the Lord had done so far.  She said that about 60% of the pain was gone. We prayed again, and again asked her to try out her foot to see what was different.  At that point, 80% of the pain had been healed. By the time she left, about 95% of the pain was gone, and only one tiny part of one toe was still feeling pain. We encouraged her to come again for more prayer for the remaining 5%!  Thank you, Lord Jesus!


Samuel was in the Foundations class at HTC on Sunday morning. He complained to a member of the prayer team during the coffee time that he was in a great deal of pain from his shoulder all the way down to his feet.  He had had 2 MRI’s, and he had a cervical pinch of his nerve creating the pain from his shoulder to his hip, and a different pinched nerve in his pelvis which created pain from hip to foot. The prayer team member prayed, and then asked Samuel to test it out & see what was different. At that point, 50% of the pain was gone. She prayed again, and again asked him to test it out; then 75% of the pain had been healed. By the time the Foundations class began, about 99% of the pain was gone. Hallelujah!

JANUARY 2014 – plantar fascitis

Frieda came with a painful right foot, diagnosed with Plantar Fascitis. We prayed, and asked her how it felt – she said that about half of the pain was gone. We kept praying and checking back with Frieda, and as we prayed, the percentage kept dropping.  Finally, there was no pain, just a little tingling as circulation was restored inside her foot.  Alleluia, Jesus!



David shares, “In early March 2012 I became ill from abdominal pain and began losing weight daily. Several medical visits, three endoscope procedures, several blood tests, a Cat Scan and an MRI resulted in a high probability of Pancreatic Cancer. One included biopsies of  my pancreas that identified a number of “suspicious” cells. A referral visit to a Duke Medical Center specialist resulted in a 90% pancreatic cancer probability and a low survival prognosis.

“The Holy Trinity prayer team prayed for me in preparation for my next endoscope procedure. At that procedure 40 pancreas biopsies were taken and sent to several national diagnostic laboratories. Absolutely no cancer was found.  Four weeks later, more tests were taken, and still, no cancer was found. The next endoscope procedure also did not reveal any cancerous cells.  I believe that the prayers on my behalf had clearly erased the cancer.  “I am now well.  In fact my tenth endoscope procedure after 17 months of treatment showed no evidence I had ever been ill (they couldn’t find any scar tissue!) ” Through prayer I survived a long physical ordeal and was made ready to answer God’s call, which I believe came to lead me into a new college teaching position rather than planned retirement. Sometimes we become so interested in who we are that we fail to see what God’s purposes are for us – I am grateful that I had the opportunity to listen to what God had to say, and grateful to still be here.”  Glory to you, Lord!

NOVEMBER 2013 – praying for a baby

Julia came to the Friday noon worship & received prayer from the team. She and her husband had been trying to have a child for three years. We prayed, and blessed her for a new season of fertility.  She later came up to one of the team members in a local store to share with her that she had become pregnant that very week!  Thank you, Jesus!!

NOVEMBER 2013 – Invasive, metastasized cancer

Anna is a young mother of three. She had been experiencing severe back ache, and finally went to the doctor. In shock, Anna discovered that she had stage four, metastasized cancer not only in her back, but in her lungs & throughout her body. Hundreds of people began praying for Anna, and a special prayer service was held.

In addition, Anna and her husband came to the HTC Friday healing service. Anna was confined to a wheelchair. We prayed over Anna for some time. Anna and her husband returned often in the coming weeks.

Soon, Anna emailed us, “We received good news from my PET scan this past Monday.  The mass in my lung has been reduced by 70%, and some of the other tumors are gone.  

Several months later, Anna walked in with no wheelchair! She told us that the cancer had largely disappeared from her body.  Alleluia, Jesus!!

July 2013 – Inflamed knee

Fran limped into the Friday healing service on crutches. Her right knee was terribly inflamed, and very painful. Doctors had her on powerful medication, but nothing seemed to help. The prayer team prayed for her. Later, Fran emailed, “I wanted to let you know that Saturday my knee swelling went down significantly. Before praying on Friday, it felt like I was declining. My knee was swelling more and I was having new pains. From Saturday until today, I have felt like my knee is on a healing trajectory. It absolutely feels different in a good way. Praise God!!!

A month later, Fran emailed again, “Hi! I wanted to let you know I got a great report from my doctor. He said my knee looks great and asked me to wean myself off crutches by this time next week. Praise God!!!!

A month later, one of us saw Fran running through Trader Joe’s, free of crutches, evidently pain-free and strong! Hallelujah!


Jerri shared by email: ”I have been afraid of flying for around 19 years. It started when I had a scary plane trip to Mexico. The fear had never let up once. I continued to fly but it was always surrounded by extreme anxiety, panic attacks and palms so sweaty you would have thought I poured water on them.

“Beyond the fear of flying, I also struggled in my daily life with fear that some would say teetered on the extreme. I lived my life on “high alert” always waiting for something traumatic to happen like things you see on the news. It was exhausting and no way to live. I believed God wanted more for me in my life but I just couldn’t seem to shake the constant fear and panic. ”My family had a trip planned to Seattle in June 2013 and I was already filled with terrible fear.

“I showed up to the Friday noon worship not knowing what to expect. The story in the bible of the hemorrhaging woman who just wanted to touch Jesus cloak came to my mind. I felt absolutely desperate to be healed by Him as she probably did that day. I could really identify with her.

“After praying with the team, I approached my flight with apprehension. Did he really heal me? I kept waiting for the shoe to drop. As the plane took off, I was astounded that my hands weren’t sweaty and I felt peaceful. I felt His peace that surpasses all understand. I felt
like a true miracle had occurred and I wanted to shout it from the mountain tops. ”We had a wonderful trip, got to see family we love and we have plans to go to Arizona in November.   ” Alleluia, Jesus!!


Brenda. asked for prayer after the Friday Worship for a major arthritis flare-up in hands and feet.  When we prayed, about half of it left immediately.  We prayed again for about ten minutes, and then she was pain free.  She was moving up & down on her tiptoes, and she said there was no pain.  Thank you, Jesus!

MARCH 2013 – Crohn’s disease

Margaret, a very young woman, had suffered with Crohn’s Disease for the entirety of her life. Our prayer team went to pray for her in the hospital. Since that time, Margaret has not experienced any of the symptoms of Crohn’s, and considers herself to be completely healed! Alleluia!


Peter came for prayer for depression; for his entire life, he had struggled with depression. Since the death of his father a few years ago, he had been plunged into dark depression and despair that had taken over his whole life. He woke every morning in great pain, and could hardly function.

During prayer, Peter was able to extend forgiveness to different people who had wronged him, and we also prayed for the redemption of Jesus to cleanse all of his genetics & family line of depression.  Peter told us a week later that his life had completely changed, and ALL the depression was gone. He was filled with hope and joy, and is praising God for setting him free.  Thank you, Jesus!

FEBRUARY 2013 – crippling back issues

At the Friday noon worship, we prayed for Maryann, who had very severe back/spinal issues, and who could only walk hunched over with a cane, in great pain.  She was so crippled that she was unable to do simple things like stand at the sink and wash dishes. It had been very difficult for her to get to the prayer service. 

We prayed for some time, perhaps an hour, and in the course of that time, we watched Maryann transformed so that she looked twenty years younger.  In addition, we saw her right leg (which was a full two inches shorter than her left) grow out so that it matched the left leg.

By that time, Maryann was standing upright on her feet with no cane, her back completely straight for the first time in many years.  She walked down the hallway of Trinity House, from the front door to the kitchen, and back again, her back very straight, with no cane and without any pain.  She walked the full length of the hallway three times, back & forth, and as she did, her steps got stronger & quicker.  By the end, she was walking like a model (she actually used to be a model!)

When she left, amid the great rejoicing of those who had been at the service, she was swinging her cane around as she walked, and said she plans to donate it to Goodwill.

Praise to the Lord of mercy and grace!  Blessed be His name! 

FEBRUARY 2013 – Iliotibial Band syndrome

Wanda reported, “I have had iliotibial band syndrome.  I was confined to a leg cast without any weight bearing for several months.  I used a scooter to get around the house, pushing with my left leg.  That confinement caused a lot of damage to my body, especially my right leg, hip and arm.
As I began to walk the muscle became inflamed.  The original injury was edema of the bone marrow in my ankle, if left untreated I would have lost movement of my ankle, I am blessed to have osteo in that ankle, but the damage to the rest of me has been hard.
I recently had an IV in my arm and it somehow hurt my elbow and arm muscle.  I have been in PT for both injuries.”

A member of our prayer team prayed for Wanda after a Sunday service.  Wanda felt the power of the Holy Spirit surging through her body, and cautiously removed the leg cast to see what was different. In five or six minutes, Wanda was walking around without any pain, and with no trouble. She also received complete healing and restoration of her arm. Wanda expressed, “Wow!! I have never experienced anything like that, ever! Thank you, Jesus!!”

Praise the Lord!


Charlotte came to the Friday Worship for prayer for painful sciatica.  She had been in excruciating pain for six months.  We prayed for her for about five minutes, and all the pain left.  She walked around the conference room, marveling at being pain-free after so long.  We heard back from her some weeks later that she was still completely pain-free, and giving glory to God!


DECEMBER 2012 – healing of bipolar

A member of the prayer team went to pray for Lynnette, who was suffering with a number of problems, including depression, Bipolar disorder, and physical illnesses such as fatigue. Lynnette received prayer that included praying through the whole of her life and inviting Jesus into every aspect, as well as generational healing.

Lynnette recently shared at one of our Foundations classes that she has been completely healed of the Bipolar disorder, and has not had any trouble since receiving that prayer.  Praise the God who makes us whole!


Susan. a young woman who had recently graduated from college, asked for prayer.  She had been treated for a thought disorder, and had begun hearing voices, which frightened her badly.  Several of the women on our prayer team prayed for Susan for about an hour, during which time Jesus gently healed her of a number of old traumas.

We recently heard from Susan, that she has been completely healed, and that she no longer hears voices, or is troubled  by any of the disorders that had tormented her previously.  She is full of peace  and mental clarity.  Glory to God!


Norma. asked for prayer after the Friday Worship for her knees – she had difficulty standing, and was in constant pain. As we prayed, her knees became very hot, and she could feel the power of God surging through her legs.  We asked her to try to do something that she couldn’t do before, and she began jumping around the conference room, laughing.  All the pain was gone, and her knees were strong and flexible.  She left in great joy.  Praise you, Jesus!


James was diagnosed unexpectedly with metastatic stage 4 liver cancer. The prayer team was asked to pray for him and his family one Sunday after church. At that point, the cancer indicators in James’s blood were at 14,000 (very high), and the tumor was encompassing 70% of James’s liver.

A few weeks after we prayed, we noticed that James was looking extremely fit and happy at church, and that the deep coughing that had sometimes forced him to leave during the worship service, had stopped.  When we spoke with him after church, we learned that since our prayer time, the cancer indicators in his blood DROPPED from 14,000 all the way down to 1600! And the tumor which had engulfed 70% of his liver had shrunk to 30%. The nurses at the hospital told James and his wife that they had never seen anything like it, that there was no natural explanation.

The deep, wrenching cough that had been tormenting James (a result of chemo) also completely vanished.

A few months later, James wrote us, “I don't think I gave you the full scoop from my last cat scan and test.  My blood CEA has gone from 14,000 to 97 at my last visit.  My oncologist is so excited by this that he ran the test after a week rather than waiting the usual month interval.  The CAT scan showed that the tumors in my liver have shrunk again by 50%.  When I started they were the size of a large slice of bread.  Now they are the size of hazelnuts.  

Blessed be the Lord God forever!

OCTOBER 2012 – sciatica

Gwen came to the Friday worship to get prayer for Sciatica.  She had been in constant pain since May. The following week she came back to share that after we prayed for her, all the pain left, and that she is now completely pain-free for the first time in six months!  Yay, God!!

JUNE 2012 – knee

Lidia asked for prayer for her knee. It had become swollen and painful, and the doctors could find no cause. Exploratory surgery was discussed, and Lidia was frightened.  We prayed for her knee. A few weeks later, the knee was completely back to normal, and there was no need for surgery. Thank you, Lord!


Giselle, a young mother, called & asked for the prayer team to visit her at home, where she had been housebound for weeks by a painful neck condition.  Her neck was in chronic severe pain which extended all the way up into her head.  She could hardly move, had to stop playing tennis, and worse, was unable to pick up her active two-year-old!  She was having terrible migraine headaches every day.  Physical therapy had not helped, and she had an appointment scheduled with a neurologist.  She and her husband were fearful of the diagnosis.

We prayed for Giselle, and she felt a little better at the time.  We told her to see how she was feeling for the next 24 hours, and let us know whether we should come back and pray some more.

Giselle emailed a few days later to say that she was 100% healed.  She had cancelled the neurologist appointment, began playing tennis again, and has been able again to pick up her children with no problem. Glory to God! 


Mary received prayer for insomnia at a community group meeting, where some of the prayer team had come to minister.  She wrote in an email the next day:  ”I slept so well last night (no Ambien!!) a straight 5 hrs without waking, which is good, then I was in and out!!  ….and then last night much better…(NO ambien or melatonin)!!  My “sleeping thing” is something i have been working on since october, and now I have a new sense of peace with my nighttime routine since tuesday and a new outlook on the situation!  It is so nice to know we are a part of the same church family!”

Thank you, Jesus!

APRIL 2012 – Lung cancer

Rae was an old friend of one of our prayer team, and had recently reached her 75th birthday. She had just found out that she had stage four lung cancer. Our prayer team went to her friend’s house to pray. A few months later, Rae reported that all traces of the cancer had disappeared from her body, and she was completely well.  Glory to you, Lord God!


Andrew called to ask for healing prayer from the prayer team.  He had just been diagnosed with Mesothelioma. That is a rare cancer of the lining of the lungs, usually caused by asbestos.  Mesothelioma is aggressive, fast, and deadly.  Andrew was basically told to get his affairs in order, and that he could expect, at most, six months more of life.

We assembled the healing prayer team, and went to worship & pray at Andrew’s house.  One of the things that we have learned is that there is much power in worshiping, and that prayer for healing done during or after worship has a higher power level.  So we assigned half of the team to worship & intercede in another room with an iPod and songsheets, while the rest of us prayed over Andrew in his living room.

We worshiped & prayed over Andrew for about 90 minutes.   In addition, Andrew began doing some prayer declarations from scripture, which he has been doing faithfully every day since then.

Since that evening, Andrew has had a number of MRIs, all of which have shown absolutely no progression of the cancer.  It has been completely stopped in its tracks.  Mesothelioma is considered to be incurable, but this one has become completely inactive and immobilized.  Andrew is healthy and radiant, and has absolutely no symptoms of any kind.   The doctors understand that this is clearly a miracle, because there is no cure for Mesothelioma, and it never goes into remission, but they can see clearly in Andrew’s ongoing MRI’s, that this one has been permanently stopped in its tracks.  We call that HEALED.  Thank you, Jesus!



Brianna came asking for prayer for a painful shoulder that she thought she might have dislocated.  We prayed for about half an hour – her shoulder gradually moved from about 10% less pain, to 20%, 30%, etc.  At the end of the 30 minutes, Brianna’s shoulder was completely well, and she was able to cancel her doctor’s appointment.


Jean came for prayer with a painful foot and back condition.  One of her legs was a full inch shorter than the other.  When we prayed, we saw the leg shoot out so that they were the same length.  Jean could feel it in her hip.  We kept on praying, and Jean’s feet were freed of pain.  That Sunday in church, Jean wore high heels for the first time in 8 years!  Yay, God!!


One of our prayer team members shared that she had prayed for her next door neighbor: “My neighbor, Cindy, dropped by to invite me to a party.  She mentioned that she was having difficulty doing her yard work because of a painful trigger finger.  She was unable to close her hand because of the pain, so gripping tools was difficult.  I asked her if I could pray for her hand.  After a short prayer, I asked her to try doing something she couldn’t do before.  Before she realized what she was doing, she easily closed her hand all the way into a fist, without pain.  She had an incredulous look on her face, and I explained to her that Jesus had just healed her hand.  She was amazed, and we gave all the glory to God!”


NOVEMBER 2010 – cancer

Stella had a salivary gland that had swollen to the size of a golf ball, and had recently been told that it held an extremely aggressive cancer. The prognosis was that to survive the cancer would be quite a challenge. In addition, the tumor had paralyzed the facial nerve on her right side, so that Stella could no longer close her right eye or smile on that side of her mouth. She looked like a stroke victim. The doctors had explained that when they removed the tumor, they would not be able to avoid severing that nerve, so that the paralysis would be permanent.

Stella asked for prayer, and a member of our prayer team went to her house. Stella later described her experience during the prayer: “Suddenly, I began to sense what I can only describe as a kind of electric current running through my head as something she said (but I can’t now remember) struck me profoundly.   Whatever it was, it led to an immediate shift in my outlook.  While I had believed all along that God could heal me, suddenly I had the conviction that he would heal me.   This was a new thought – that God had both the power and the will to heal me.  In that moment I felt as though some kind of barrier I had to receiving God’s healing was now gone: I could accept that he wanted to heal me.  Asking “for more” seemed to open my heart to receive more fully his gifts and blessings. Tears of joy began to trickle down my face.    Inwardly, I sensed the Father’s radiant love coursing through my body.  Cynthia concluded our time of prayer by giving me a few testimonies about people for whom she had prayed recently who were healed by God.  I was greatly encouraged by hearing these stories. When she finished, I thanked her profusely because I knew the Lord had done a mighty work through her.  Even though I did not fully understand what had just taken place within my body, soul and spirit, this much I knew – a significant transformation had occurred.

The next day, my husband changed the bandage over the tumor, and we both gasped – the tumor was noticeably smaller. The prayer team was overjoyed when I reported the news about the tumor shrinking and offered to return on Saturday to pray again.  By the time Saturday arrived the paralysis on the right side of my face had greatly diminished.  I could open my mouth fully and I no longer felt a tingling sensation when I did so.  I could also close my right eye completely and wink successfully.  This turnabout had occurred gradually beginning less than twenty-four hours after the prayer team member first prayed with me.  This time she spent more time in prayer for my family, asking for blessings upon all of us.  I was practically asleep when she finished and she let herself out as I sat on the sofa soaking in what seemed like a warm bath of God’s love. Before I went to bed that night my husband offered to change the bandage covering the tumor – and to our amazement, it had shrunk a bit more.   On the previous Monday morning it appeared to be about the size of a golf ball, but now, on Saturday evening, it was no larger than an average walnut.  As we grinned at one another and offered thanks and praise to the Lord I realized that the paralysis on the right side of my face was now completely gone.  I recalled the words of the angel Gabriel to Mary, “Nothing is impossible for God.” (Luke 1:37)

After the surgery, Stella’s husband wrote, “The doctor had prepared us for far-reaching and serious consequences.  In preparation, he had scheduled 8 1/2 hours for surgery.  After 5 hours he emerged to tell us that all of the things that could have gone wrong did NOT.  He was amazed to tell us that he did NOT have to sacrifice the 7th cranial nerve.  He said, "I wish I had a good explanation, but I don't, I thought for sure I would have to take the nerve but it is intact."  No more paralysis!

 And at this writing (Sept 2014), Stella is completely free of cancer! Hallelujah, Jesus!


Anna had come for prayer with her son, Mark, who had torn a ligament in his knee, was wearing a brace, and limped very badly.  He had been to an Orthopedic doctor, who x-rayed the knee, and told Anna that her son was going to require surgery.

We prayed for Mark, – the team member who had her hand on his knee could actually feel movement and crunching under her hands, as the Lord poured healing power into Mark’s knee.  He felt a lot of tingling.  We encouraged him to take the brace off in order to see what was different, and to carefully, very gently, try out the knee.  He began walking all over the room, jumping up & down.

There was a little soreness left, so we had Anna put her hand on Mark,’s knee, along with her friend, Phyllis.  Anna said that she could feel crunching under her hand!  We praised God, the

around the meeting room!  It was a wonderful moment of recognizing God’s power and love.  Mark never needed surgery!  Thank you, Lord!


A small group of women came for prayer, and several received healing. One woman received healing of a sleep disorder; she emailed us the next day that she had slept for a number of hours with no medication for the first time in a very long time.  Another woman received an instantaneous healing of a back disorder, beginning when God equalized the length of her legs in front of our eyes. She had the amazing smile of joy that comes when a long-time pain suddenly disappears. Thank you, Jesus!


Laura asked for prayer for her 14-month-old son who was covered in painful eczema. We prayed for him even though the child was not present with us. The next day she emailed us that the eczema had completely disappeared!


Ruth asked for prayer, having had severe pain in one of her feet for several months.  The pain was getting worse, and nothing seemed to help.  We prayed for Ruth’s foot a number of times.  The foot would experience some relief for a while (not complete, but better).  Then over the next couple of days it would get worse again.  We kept on pressing in for more healing.  About a month went by, and then as we praying for Ruth’s foot again, and in addition to all the other prayers, one of the team members felt moved by the Holy Spirit to pray that Ruth’s arches would be re-shaped; that they would be made normal, and strong, and that her unusually high arches would be corrected.  Almost immediately there was a great deal of relief in Ruth’s foot.  For the rest of the day, she marveled aloud at how much better her foot was feeling.  Since that night, she has been able to run and walk on it without problem, and completely free of pain.


A young man who had come for prayer shared  that he experienced “jumping leg” syndrome, which was keeping his wife awake, although he himself was unaware of it as he slept. As we prayed for him, we suddenly saw his legs begin moving spasmodically in front of our eyes. We believed that the Lord was undoing the jumpiness of his legs as we watched. Some days later, we were told that the “jumping leg syndrome” was gone, and the young man and his wife were both able to sleep through the night again.  Praise you, Jesus!


We prayed for Adriann, who had come with painful fibromyalgia.  About six of us prayed for her, and Adriann felt a lot of electricity going through her body.  The presence of the Holy Spirit became very strong in the room, and Adriann felt hardly able to move, as though she were experiencing a powerful anaesthetic.  By the end of the prayer, about 20 min., she was in tears (as were most of us), and said that the pain was completely gone!  She stopped by later in the day, and she had been doing loads of laundry all afternoon with great energy; she would normally have had to lie down for most of the day.  Praise Jesus!

In the same prayer session, after we finished praying for Adriann, another woman, Rae, asked for prayer, because she had come with painful tendinitis in her leg.  We felt the Lord saying that if Rae would just get up and move around, that He would heal her leg as she did so.  She  got up & began to move, and as she did, her leg was completely healed, even without anyone praying for it.

Rae also had a painfully scratched cornea.  Since Adriann had experienced such a wonderful healing, we had Adriann put her hands on Rae to pray for her cornea.  She prayed a simple, short prayer, and all the pain left!  Both Adriann and Rae left the meeting that day without any pain in their bodies.  Alleluia!


We prayed for a beautiful 13-year-old girl named Jeanette.  Jeanette had been having increasing health problems involving both of her knees, feet, and more recently, a severely stiffened neck and shoulders.  She was unable to turn her head without pain, even a little, and her neck had been x-rayed & found to be crooked & twisted.  Watching her describe her condition was painful, because she moved with stiffness and pain, and even had some difficulty talking because her jaw was drawn tightly.

On the day that Jeanette came for prayer, she was scheduled for a neurologist’s appointment the next day, and some very dark possibilities were being discussed.  Jeanette was frightened and in pain, and asked for prayer with desperation.  Her mother had brought her, and agreed to let us pray for Jeanette.

As we prayed, nothing apparent was happening.  She felt nothing, we felt nothing.  Then we began to pray for the blood of Jesus to heal her bloodline – to purge all generational illnesses, genetic tendencies, etc., etc.  Almost immediately, we and Jeanette felt heat begin to grow in the back of her neck.  She experienced some relief in the pain, about 10%.  Encouraged, we pressed on in prayer.  By the end of about 15 minutes, she was jumping up and down with great excitement, showing us that the pain and stiffness were both completely gone.

Her mother called the next day to report that the neurologist had again x-rayed Jeanette’s neck, and confirmed that Jeanette’s neck was indeed no longer crooked or twisted, but was now completely straight.  Glory to God!


Abby asked for prayer for insomnia – she had, for a number of years, been unable to sleep without medication.  The team prayed for her, and the next morning, she emailed:  ”I slept through the night!!!!!!!!! I slept from 11:20 to 5:30 without waking up!  I have not slept like that in years unless I had the help of a sleep aid! Wow!!!!! I woke up with a huge smile… looked at the cross on my bedroom wall, and said “Thank You”!!!   I love you all and I thank you!!! Wow… isn’t this so amazing what He is doing. I just feel great! Honestly, I really struggle with sleep and that is part of my problem in life… I am always tired. I NEVER thought I could sleep through the night on my own. Yea GOD!!!!!! Thank you!!”



Tiffany called and asked for a visit from the prayer team for her son, John, who was in Middle School.  John had torn his knee cartilage during a basketball game.  The doctor who had examined John after the injury had made it clear that John would require surgery to walk normally again, and that he would probably never play basketball again.

When we went to pray, John’s knee was wrapped, and he was in a great deal of pain.  We prayed in the sun room, and Tiffany prayed along with us for her son.  As we prayed, John felt warmth begin to tingle through his knee.  We took turns praying for him.  When his mother laid her hand on his leg, he felt a LOT of heat, not where her hand rested, but higher up, in the knee itself.  We all prayed while Tiffany kept her hand on John’s leg.

After prayer, we asked John to GENTLY try the knee, to see what the Lord had done so far.  He felt that it was about 50% better – he could put a small amount of weight on it without pain.  We gave God thanks for the 50%, and then prayed for more.  Over the next hour, we alternated prayer with having John test the knee to see what had changed.  John’s leg made steady progress, and by the end of the hour, he had the wrap off, and was jumping up and down on that leg.  The pain was gone, and the knee felt strong and normal.

John never required surgery, his leg was healed, and he returned to playing basketball!  Different members of the prayer team have commented that they enjoy watching him run up and down the stairs on Sunday mornings, easily & normally!  Thank you, Jesus!


We prayed for Louise, who was experiencing a very painful back condition.  We had Louise, sit with her pelvis pressed firmly against the back of a chair so that we could check the length of her legs.  Her left leg was a full inch shorter than her right, which is a common cause of back pain.  Keeping her hips firmly pressed against the chair to avoid movement, we prayed for Louise’s legs to be evened out.  The three of us watched in awe as Louise’s leg slowly grew out the full inch.  Louise could feel the movement in her leg as it lengthened.  When she stood up, there was a significant lessening in her back pain.  We continued praying for Louise, and over the next fifteen minutes, all of the remaining pain left Louise’s back.

After that, we had Louise pray for another woman in the room who also had back pain, Anne.  As Louise prayed, over the space of about half an hour, Anne experienced little surges of healing.  By the time we were done, no one in the room had any back pain at all!  We spent about an hour in grateful worship.  When we stood up to leave after the worship time, Anne marveled that she had been sitting for an hour with no back pain – that was a first for her.


An elderly couple requested that our prayer team come to their house to pray for Adrian, for lung cancer.  Our team visited & prayed weekly for several months.  At the end of that time, Adrian and his wife shared with us that his doctor had shown them the most recent MRI of Adrian’s lungs.  He had a previous MRI, where the cancer looked like spiderwebs throughout Adrian’s lungs.  The current MRI, taken after three months of weekly prayer, was completely clear, and all the cancer was gone!  Glory to God!


George enjoyed running every morning, and was thinking about being in a marathon. At one point, he developed painful tendinitis in one of his legs, and came for prayer. As several of our prayer team put their hand on his leg to pray, he felt a LOT of heat moving up his leg. By the time he left, his leg was completely normal, and the pain was gone.


A man was receiving prayer for a more serious health issue, but he reported at the end of the prayer time that he had not been able to breathe through his nose for five days, and that after the prayer time, he was breathing freely & easily, with all his sinus passages clear.

Shortly after that, a woman was receiving prayer for a couple of systemic infections, but was also breathing freely by the end.  Thank you, Lord, for clear breathing!


At an Alpha meeting, we prayed for a women who said that her husband’s snoring was so serious and so loud that she was unable to sleep anywhere in the house.  We were all kind of laughing about the request, but she was serious about praying for him, so we did!  The next week, she emailed, “You are not going to believe this, but my husband has not snored AT ALL since you all prayed for him!  We have both been sleeping so deeply and continuously!”


A member of our prayer team was making cornbread one Sunday the southern way, with a big cast iron frying pans and a hot oven – 425 degrees!  She reported, “When I took the blistering hot pan out of the oven, I set it on top of the stove & turned briefly away.  When I turned back, I had momentarily forgotten about the hot pan, and I grabbed it with my left hand in a firm grip, burning my hand very badly.  The pain was very bad, but I lifted it up and began praying that the glory of God would penetrate the hand and remove the burn.  I prayed and prayed healing over my hand, even though it was flaming with pain.

And within the space of five minutes, (five minutes seems like a long time when you’re in pain, though) all of the pain had completely vanished, and there was not one trace of redness or blistering on my hand.  Nothing!  It was just as normal as the other hand!  Cool and comfortable, as though it had never even happened!  Wow!”   Thank you, God!


Deborah had suffered from scoliosis for years.  When she came to receive prayer, the Lord healed her back immediately.  She told us later that everyone she knew was commenting on how straight her back was.

We were able to share Deborah’s testimony to encourage another young woman, Kristi, who came for prayer for scoliosis, but who was very fearful that she might not be healed.  Sharing Deborah’s testimony helped to strengthen her faith that God might heal her as well.

We prayed for Kristi for about fifteen minutes without anything happening, but at the end of that time, we all felt movement in her back, which Kristi also felt, and then there was no visible sign of the scoliosis left.  Yay, God!

 AUGUST 2009 – mysterious crippling illness

Edward went on a missions trip.  After returning, he began suffering from a mysterious malady that none of the doctors could identify.  He had a fever, soreness in his joints, and was extremely fatigued all the time.  After a month, the doctors were still completely mystified. His organs were beginning to shut down one by one, and there was discussion of possibly having to do a liver transplant 
A member of our prayer team went to his house to pray for him.  She reported that it was hard for him even to walk; his eyes were red and unfocused, and he seemed confused and depressed, listless and exhausted.  His voice was husky and low, and he had difficulty talking.
Edward describes what he felt during the prayer time:  "When you placed your hand on my head, your hand felt cool but my head immediately felt warm.  The warmth increased until my head felt hot. Then the warmth spread downward through the trunk of my body, but the center strip of my trunk from the neck down had a cold/warm feeling like putting “Icy Hot” ointment on your skin.  This heat continued until you finished praying." 
At the end of the prayer time, Edward walked through the house to see what had changed, and found that walking was much easier, and that he felt much better.  His voice was strong and clear, and all the redness had disappeared from his eyes.
Shortly after that, Edward was able to return to work.  His strength returned to normal, and he again looked and felt wonderful.  All his tests came back with a clean bill of health.

Now, five years later, Edward is radiant and healthy, and the problems have never returned. Glory to you, Jesus!

 SUMMER 2009 – Praying for a baby

A young couple in our church had tried unsuccessfully to have a baby; so far they had experienced three years of infertility and one miscarriage.  At the church retreat, we prayed over the young wife.  In a month, she was pregnant.  Over the next nine months, she came weekly for prayer, and ended up giving birth to a healthy baby.  Glory to you, Jesus!

Another young woman was told by doctors that she would never be able to conceive a child.  We prayed with her weekly for two years, at the end of which she conceived, carried, and gave birth to a healthy son. Alleluia!


Brenda received prayer from the team at the church retreat.  Afterward, she wrote:  ” I hurt my shoulder and neck in an exercise class two and one-half years ago.  I went to the orthopedic doctor, who sent me to physical therapy.  At first I had horrible pain down my arm and I could not even hold the steering wheel to drive!  Over the next two years, I went to physical therapy again, and was having a deep tissue massage every other week, because it was all I could afford.  I have slept on a heating pad for this whole time, and often wear a hot wrap around my neck when I am at home.  I was starting to get to the point where I could do some strengthening exercises for my neck, and it was getting quite a bit better.  Still, there was pain in my neck at all times, and often headaches.  Also, there was a sharp pain under my shoulder blade, which, I believe, is where the problem originated.

 There was pain in my neck at all times, and often headaches.  Also, there was a sharp pain under my shoulder blade, which, I believe, is where the problem originated.  You prayed for me at the church retreat – when you put your hand on my neck, and prayed for healing, I moved my neck around, and there was no “catch” in it, which was a new experience.  I could move my neck with more range of motion than I had been able to before.  The next day, you prayed for the pain in my shoulder blade.  This time, when you put your hand on me, I felt a lot of warmth!

Over the next two days, I was able to move my neck in ways that I had been unable to before.  The cracking that had previously been in that area was almost ALL GONE!!!  On the drive down to the retreat, my neck had gotten very sore, which was always what happened when I sat down for a long time, especially in the car, or on a plane.  However, on the drive home, that DID NOT HAPPEN!!!!!  This was awesome!  By the time I got home, I felt incredible!  In fact, IT GOT BETTER ON THE DRIVE HOME!!!   Alleluia!


Chelsea came for prayer with terrible back pain from having been up all night with work.  One of our prayer team put his hand on her back and prayed a very short prayer.  Immediately, there was audible popping in Chelsea’s back.  She later described, “I’ve never had my back pop before – this was amazing!  Each pop brought relief, and it popped ALL DAY.  Every time I moved, I would hear it popping loudly!  By the end of the day, I had no pain at all.  Now it pops freely, and I’m always happy to hear it pop, because it means that everything is moving & flexible as it should be.”   Glory to Jesus!


Mae describes, “During a Holy Trinity Alpha Bible Study, we were given an evening in which to pray for healing. One of the HTC prayer ministers came around to pray with each small group.  She asked if we had any specific prayer requests, including any desires for healing.  I asked for a healing prayer for my hip which had been causing me pain for several months, aggravated by running.  As she prayed she approached me, asked me to stand, then placed her hand on my hip.  Instantly, there was an audible pop, which had never occurred before, followed by a warm sensation inside my hip.  I was impressed, but have to be honest – I was skeptical about anyone being able to pray for physical healing for anyone else.  Well, I have to admit, from that evening on, I have had absolutely no pain in my hip whatsoever.  I’m convinced – Jesus completely healed my hip!  And….I am still a running 3 or 4 days every week. ”  Hallelujah!


Alicia does long-distance running, including some marathons.  She received prayer at one of our Alpha classes for bursitis in her left hip.  The bursitis had been there for several years, and Susan was beginning to get very concerned.  The doctors had her on a steroid for a little while, and then glucosamine.  Even with the medication, the problem was flaring up. She would have pain in her hip, lower back, and then shooting down through her entire leg, which made it difficult to run.

After receiving prayer at the Alpha meeting, Alicia says she was running better than she had since she was in her 20s – she felt strong and pain-free.  Gradually, after a few months, the pain began to creep back.  At that point we prayed for her again, and the pain left again.  Alicia explained to us that her running time every day was her special time with God – where she prays and listens for His voice.

Upon realizing that, Alicia recognized that she needs to pray for spiritual protection over her running time; that it was possible the pain was returning as a form of spiritual attack, in order to hinder her prayer time.  Alicia says, “Once we figured that out, I have been making a point of singing hymns in my head and praying for protection and things are really, really, really good again!  Praise God!

This testimony is very helpful, because sometimes after a miraculous healing, some of the problems begin to creep back.  It’s really good to know that ahead of time, so you’re not caught off-guard.  The thing to remember is that the gifts of God are irrevocable.  (Romans 11:29).  He doesn’t take it back.  Ever.  So if you know that, then you can start asking what else might be causing the return of problems.

For example, if you are doing something physical that creates your condition (worrying to cause ulcers, grinding your teeth to cause TMJ, etc.), the physical action will obviously have to change in order to avert future problems.  Sometimes an emotional problem will cause physical pain, so the emotional need will have to be met.

In Alicia’s case, the “aha” moment came when she said, “Running is my special time with God . . .”  Once we recognized that, the element of spiritual attack was clear.  Now, by simply asking God to protect her running time, she has remained free of symptoms.  But in this case, she has to stay vigilant to pray for her own protection, because otherwise that special time gets targeted by spiritual enemies.  So now she runs protected and worshiping and pain-free!


Sidney shares, ”I was having regular tingling in my hands and toes and I was in great fear about what the possible causes might be.  A diagnosis of bi-lateral carpal tunnel should have eased my concerns, but it didn’t.  After regular prayer sessions with the HTC prayer team, not only did the carpal tunnel improve, but the fear and worry associated with these symptoms dramatically decreased as well.  Presenting our requests to God with other members of His body, whether it be about physical pain, mental pain, or a combination of both can lead to healing and renewing of the body and mind.  I am thankful for this ministry at HTC.”


We have learned that sharing the testimony of what God has done for someone in miraculous healing is very powerful.  In many cases, it creates a place for the same miracle to occur, without even having to pray!

A woman named Sandra was in one of our prayer meetings.  Sandra had a genetic condition whereby her sense of smell had gradually faded over the years, and now she could smell nothing.  Without realizing her condition,  I had shared in the prayer meeting a testimony of a friend of mine who prayed for a woman who had lost her sense of smell, and who woke up the morning after she received prayer, smelling the coffee!

After I shared this testimony, Sandra suddenly could smell the coffee at the nearby refreshment table.  She was so excited!  Over the next 24 hours, her sense of smell momentarily faded again.  She came back and requested more prayer.  When we prayed for her, Sandra began to say, “I can smell! I can smell!” as her sense of smell was completely restored, this time permanently.  Sandra later emailed and said, “My sense of smell started leaving me about 20 years ago, and has been totally gone for at least a year. It has been 20 years since I have been able to smell a really faint or subtle aroma, which I can do now! It’s wonderful how being able to smell everything is a constant reminder of God’s goodness to me now.”  Yay, Jesus!



Samuel asked for the prayer team to come and pray over him.  He had been experiencing severe depression for much of his life, but especially through the last ten years.   In the last 3 or 4 years, he would experience some relief when the pastors would pray for him, but in a few months the depression would return.  We suggested to him that the Lord wanted his healing to be permanent, rather than constantly cycling in and out of depression.

After about an hour of prayer, our team felt emboldened to command the depression to leave Samuel, in the name of Jesus.  Both Samuel and his wife were weeping, (as were we!) because the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong in the room.  We prayed for a time, and then asked Samuel how he felt.  He felt that the Holy Spirit had filled him with peace, power and light.  At that moment, there was no depression

Five years later, Samuel is still free of depression, and experiences the joy and relief of knowing that Jesus has delivered him.  Praise to our Deliverer!


One of the high schoolers at our church was in a great deal of pain one Sunday.  He had sprained a ligament in his shoulder playing football.  He was very upset that he was not going to be allowed to play in the last two games of the season.

After the service, we prayed for him.  We asked him to move his shoulder around to see what had changed, and he got that wonderful, incredulous look that we have seen so many times, indicating his amazement that the pain had disappeared.  He said there was still about 10% of the pain left, so we prayed again.  At that point, he said that the pain was completely gone.  He was able to play the remaining games.  His mother later called and expressed her gratitude to God for that gift to her son.  Thank you, Lord!