Trinity Students



Holy Trinity Youth Ministry will be a community of young people who, in response to the abundant grace of God, humbly offer themselves spiritually, intellectually, and materially to advancing the gospel and serving Raleigh and beyond.


Enabling young people to know God personally and serve Him faithfully in the world.


  • Experience

    • Foster transformative encounters with God

    • Cultivate authentic community

    • Understand Anglicanism

  • Service

    • Serve others locally and globally

  • Mentorship

    • Dynamic interaction with the Holy Scriptures

    • Meaningful intergenerational connections

    • Articulate and defend their Christian Faith


This WEeks Programing!

Middle School and High School

Programming has ended for the spring semester. Summer and summer trips are in full swing. Check back for events in August!


We take seriously the fact that you are entrusting your teenagers to our care. Our ministry team members have received training and protocols are in place to protect your teenagers. In addition, all of our volunteers are required to undergo a thorough background check. 

If you have any questions about the ministry, feel free to ask the Clergy Associate for Student Ministry or any individual on the Parent Advisory Board. Current Board Members include: Jay Easterling, John Sanders, Rennie Manning, Elizabeth DeLoache, Paul Winter, Rhett Warner and Corey Grabar.


We want to help you or your teenager get connected with Trinity Students! To find out more about Trinity Students, please contact Caleb Burr.

Rev. Caleb Burr Clergy Associate for Student Ministries

Rev. Caleb Burr
Clergy Associate for Student Ministries


2018-2019 Year Calendar


To download and print a hard copy of the 2018-2019 calendar, click Here!

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